We take pride in our dogs, and sometimes show them off to others as we would our children. We play with them, hold them close, and rely on them for any number of reasons. The reason that we call dogs “man’s best friend” is a simple one. It is because dogs allow us to be their best friends.

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Dogs are best friends

Dogs. There’s a reason we call them man’s best friend. We can learn so many things from a dog’s behavior, personality, demeanor, resiliency, and most importantly, the willingness to provide their family members with unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship down to their very last breath. You come in the door from a long day’s work. …

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Understanding Pet Food Ingredients

By Dr. Marty Becker By-products: They’re what’s for dinner. At least if you’re a dog or cat, although my wife Teresa and I have been to some pretty fancy restaurants that served what many people would consider by-products. Liver, anyone? Pet food ingredients and pet nutrition in general can be confusing for pet owners, but …

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How to Treat a New Dog

1 Feed your dog some treats; dogs love treats. 2 Never yell at your dog for doing something bad, if they did something wrong show them what is right. 3 Get them toys or make them using socks or other material lying around in your home. 4 Walk your dog. Take your dog out to …

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How to Pet a Dog

The way you pet a dog can make you his favorite person — or the human he’s always trying to avoid. Certain red-flag petting tactics send most dogs running in the other direction, while other petting strategies will have a dog tail-waggin’ happy in your hands. Whether you’re petting your own dog or one you’ve …

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