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  • Pier 39

    Pier 39

    1298 reviews
    Pier 39 Location: The Embarcadero And Beach St San Francisco, CA 94133 Phone: +14157055500
  • Arshdeep S.

    Arshdeep S.

    My first vsit here and its amazing.
    Must visit place for everyone who coming sf for vacation.
    I just love it
  • Mike O.

    Mike O.

    I would say that Pier 39 has enough shops and places to eat to make it a definite stop for anyone who is coming to San Francisco.  There are tourist shops a plenty there, but also some specialty shops and places to eat that make it worthwhile.
  • F N.

    F N.

    Many great places to enjoy wonderful food.  A great way to spend an afternoon.
  • Marissa P.

    Marissa P.

    My favorite part of Fisherman's Wharf!

    I could spend hours watching the Sea Lions! I still can't believe I got to see this with my own eyes!

    You can see the Sea Lions swimming and then prepare to shoot up and land on the pier to hang out with its friends. The sea lions are a talkative bunch that just love to chat away. It's so cool to hear how they communicate with one another. You can hear their tones change and how they really are talking to one another.

    You get to see them climb all over each other, wrestle and play with one another, or just see them lounge and relax as they take a nap in the sun. If you like animals, take a trip down here and see these cool creatures for yourself!

    These animals are LOUD and so funny to watch! So be prepared to laugh while watching them!
  • Ezen C.

    Ezen C.

    Can't help but come here every 1-2 years to enjoy the atmosphere. They've added so many new stores and restaurants over the years.

    Weekends get crowded, so you just need to be patient and flexible. If you're here on vacation and willing to spend money, then this is a great place for souvenirs, gifts, and activities for kids/ families. My parents love this place, it's so hard to keep them together because they always wanna look at different things.

    If it's your first time, plan to spend at least 2-3 hours looking at the shops and getting some food. Make sure to say Hi to the sea lions off to the side near the entrance!
  • Emily S.

    Emily S.

    Although touristy, Pier 39 deserves a visit while in San Francisco. There are so many places to see, shop, and dine at. Prices are comparable to other things in the city, seemingly not any higher because of the location, which is nice. A visit to the sea lions is a must, and adds to the experience beyond another group of shops and restaurants.

    Some of my favorites: Pier Market for lunch (delicious, fresh seafood - make a reservation through the Yelp app!), the lefty store (for my lefty boyfriend ), The Shell Cellar - beautiful art focusing mostly on seashells (chose a nice bracelet for a gift) a nicely priced magnet store with a good variety, Chocolate Heaven, and of course the sea lions. I wish we had had more time to explore the Pier, and I would definitely go again with more time planned on another visit.

    The Aquarium of the Bay and the Alcatraz Cruises are both right there as well, so you could easily spend a full day at Pier 39 and visit both of those as well.
  • Cori M.

    Cori M.

    A great tourist attraction in San Francisco.
    There's plenty of shops and restaurants, the pier has great views of Bay, Alcatraz and The Golden Gate Bridge. There's lots to see and explore in the area. Boudin is great place for clam chowder bowls and they have two locations in the area. Bubba Gump is also a popular spot for tourists but can busy because of tour groups. There's a working carousel right in the center of pier 39. There are restrooms located on both top and bottom floors of at pier 39. The Hard Rock Cafe is located on first floor right next to the Aquarium of the Bay.
    There's a parking structure across the street from the pier with hourly parking rates.
  • Allen M.

    Allen M.

    Lots of shops and lots of dining options. It is a must stop when your in SFO. It has great views of the bay and you can see where all of the sea lions relax next to the docks. It gets pretty stinky near the sea lions. Once your done at the pier it is a short walk to Fisherman's Ward. No dining options for vegans, but still a great experience. Enjoy!
  • Cyl J.

    Cyl J.

    This is usually a most do for me whenever I am in the San Francisco area with the last visit being a few months ago with my boyfriend.

    Walking up and down the pier to check out the different stores and restaurants is fun to do as we window shop or go into stores to get away from the cold breeze sweeping through or to see something that caught our eye from inside. They have different eateries ranging from biscuits with coffee, soup in bread bowls, hamburgers and of course seafood. There are confectionary stores scattered here or there containing sweets and even ice cream for purchase.

    My favorite parts of the pier is being able to see a nice view of parts of San Francisco Bay and the end of the pier also contains a small arcade area and a shop that has barrels of different candies, including salt water taffy and old school toys or candies. Definitely a nice place to stop by at to do some shopping for yourself, for others, to get a nice bite to eat or just to walk off those extra calories you got from snacking here and there.
  • Joe P.

    Joe P.

    We try to come down here at least 2 times a year just to look around and see if there's something new, or to eat crab and clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. It's always a good experience. Bring a jacket! Lol.
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